Slab formwork


Wide range of girder lengths for even the most complex soffit shapes. Setting props in any location allows thick soffit forms - however make sure to verify the girder and prop strength. All system components can be easily stored, are lightweight and do not require additional equipment.

Basic components:

    timber girder

  • We offer H20 DOKA, DOKA TOP,  HÜNNEBECK, KLENK, PERI girders
  • Basic lengths: 190, 245, 265, 290, 330, 360, 390, 450, 490, 590 cm

    galvanized prop

  • Offered props A, AS, EUROPLUS DB/DIN, DOKA EUREX 20kN i 30kN,
  • PERI PEP   Maximum length:   260, 300, 350, 400, 410, 490, 500, 550

    decking: Shuttering plywood, thickness 21 mm, dimensions 125.0 cm x 250.00 cm and 50.0 cm x 150.0 cm


      Just two basic components. A drophead/prop combination and the frame aluminium panels are basic system components. The assembly rate for a skilled personnel is just 0.2 h/m2. Lightweight components for easy handling by one person. The assembly consists in suspending the panel on the prop and supporting it with another prop.  Use of telescopic and triangular panels allows to form up to 95% of soffit area.

Basic components:

  • frame aluminium panel with plywood decking.
  • Panel dimensions: length 180, 90 cm; width: 180, 90, 75, 60, 45 cm
  • steel prop
  • maximum slab thickness: 50.0 cm

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