Wall formwork

HÜNNEBECK TEKKO FORMWORK SYSTEM (lightweight and easy to assemble)

TEKKO formwork system is ideal for small and complex building structures in civil engineering and groundworks. For use in foundations, shafts, retaining walls, base courses, channels, posts, round basins etc. The formwork system can be assembled manually without a crane. Its main feature are the lightweight panels. The largest panels 90 x 120 cm weighs only 32.7 kg and can be handled and assembled by one person without a crane.  Permissible concrete pressure despite its low weight is 40 kN/m2. Correctly assembled basic system components save time and costs compared to the traditional timber formwork.

Basic components:

  • galvanized steel frame panels. Panel dimensions: height: 90 and 120 cm; width: 90, 60, 45, 30 cm
  • other components: aligning clamps, ties with nuts, corners, shores


Durable and stable lightweight formwork for manual assembly. Rasto is a perfect solution for small and medium buildings in housebuilding industry and uses a single formwork type. The system does not require a crane to place the formwork and panels can be handled by 2 people. The formwork features many improvements: universal end profiles, holes for easy manual transport from light formwork, movable inner corners and advanced Manto aligning clamp. Permissible concrete pressure – 60 kN/m2

Basic components:

  • galvanized steel frame panels. Panel dimensions: height: 270, 300 cm; width: 90, 75, 70, 65, 60, 55, 50, 45, 30 cm
  • other components: aligning clamps: straight and corner, ties with nuts, hinged corners, shores, walkway supports

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